• Mourad BNCR, Montréal based sound artist
  • Trainer in immersive audio & electronic live PA
  • English / Francais
  • Sound design x audio programming
  • Immersive audio x VR 
  • Music for new media
  • Making music as Famelik, co-founder of Unlog music label
  • Music for films, art installations, VR…

Sound creator for the past 15 years, Mourad BNCR specializes in immersive environments and interactive content. Active on the Montreal electronic scene under the moniker of Famelik, he also wrote the compositions of several soundtracks, including the immersive horror film Patterns by Pierre Friquet (Prix Immersion – FNC Explore 2016).



2018 - Fulldome film
Sean Caruso x Mourad BNCR

SATFest 2018 - Jan 9th to Feb 2nd


Patterns (Immersive film - Dome & VR)

Nature Graphique - Refraction (2016)

Ganymède (Interactive fulldome experience)

Nature Graphique - Renaissance (2015)

Kibwe Tavares - Robots of Brixton

Past projects, clients & collaborations

Nature Graphique (Digital scenography), SAT (Montréal - CA), Jimmy Lee (Montréal - CA), Cartier (Singapore division), Institut du Monde Arabe (Paris - FR), 45 Degrees (Cirque du Soleil), Kibwe Tavares (Factory Fifteen - UK), Hotels Renaissance (Paris - FR), PatKarbo (Artist), Aurélien Lafargue (Video mapping), Push 1 stop (Visual artist), Gaspar Batha (Artist), Ando & Pyare (VR filmmaking), Jean Yves Munch (Sound engineer), ECHONOVA (Art center - France), EUNIC Sénégal & Ker Thiossane (Dakar Mapping 2016), Alex Lachapelle Raymond (Sound recordist, ISBC), Open International de Squash de Nantes 2016, ...

Other things

Famelik - Visit x Deleted user

Famelik - Patterns II (Blackelk Recordings)

BSLC - Brain Damage (Famelik Remix)

Random but usual keywords of interest :

integration, immersion, AR, VR, fulldome, installation, multichannel, multi-modality, ambisonics, binaural, 360 audio, psycho-acoustics, augmented instruments, wwise, max msp, ableton, m4l, c4d, emf, analog, radio frequencies, synthesis, 3D mixing, osc, interactive media, sound textures, physical modeling, motion capture, haptics, video mapping, turntablism,
 scratch music, psychoacoustics, culture, language, deep learning, ...

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